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Now there is a better way to achieve the smile you've always wanted without the difficulties and discomfort associated with wearing traditional braces. It's called BOA. There are no metal brackets, no wires or bulky retainers. Instead, BOA utilizes a series of clear, nearly undetectable aligners that slip comfortably over your teeth.

Accurate aligners give accurate results.
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BOA Advantage

Orthodontists agree that tracking errors are the primary cause of poor aligner treatment results. Tracking is the ability for an aligner to accurately direct tooth movement. In comparison to other highly publicized aligner systems currently available on the market, BOA employs a fabrication technique accounting for possible tracking errors between successive aligner trays. BOA utilizes a uniquely interactive technique based on patient's clinical progress, while at the same time addressing the physiology of tooth movement. Baum's distinctive approach accounts for individual variations in tooth movement thus allowing for a more accurately fitting series of aligners. Accordingly, more accurate aligners provide a more accurate orthodontic finish.

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BOA - Baum Orthodontic Aligners Invisible Orthodontics

Accurate aligners give accurate results.

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BOA is clinically proven. We have successfully treated thousands of patients with this invisible orthodontic technique.

BOA is invisible so there's nothing to hide and nothing to avoid. It's comfortable so it won't interfere with your daily activities.