Frequently Asked Questions About BOA

Will wearing BOA affect my speech or my appearance?

Your BOA may very briefly affect your speech. Otherwise they are undetectable.

How is BOA different?

Your BOA is custom designed and fabricated in our office based on your clinically evaluated progress. The process is gradual and discreet.

Is BOA effective?

Yes. BOA has been proven effective in clinical research and are being used by thousands of patients.

Is BOA comfortable compared to other orthodontic aligners?

BOA is truly clear and thinner than other orthodontic aligners which makes them less visible and more comfortable.

What is the cost of treatment with BOA compared to other highly publicized orthodontic aligner systems?

Treatment cost is considerably less with BOA because all aligners are made in our office not out sourced.

Can treatment progress be controlled?

With BOA treatment progress can be modified based on patient compliance and progress.

How long does it take to get my first set of BOA?

BOA is ready in a few days not six weeks or more.

Are there tracking errors with BOA compared with other orthodontic aligners?

BOA has better tracking due better fitting aligners resulting in better results.

Is BOA progressed based or virtual prediction based?

BOA utilizes a uniquely interactive technique based on clinical progress.

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BOA - Baum Orthodontic Aligners Invisible Orthodontics

Now there is a better way to achieve the smile you've always wanted without the difficulties associated with braces.

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